NDP decline: 7,000 more private sector jobs lost

March 8, 2019

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43,000 more unemployed Albertans today than when the NDP took office

Edmonton, AB (March 8, 2019) – Nearly 7,000 private-sector jobs were lost last month, according to new jobs numbers released by Statistics Canada this morning.

“With more Albertans unemployed and the unemployment rate climbing higher yet again, it’s clear that the NDP plan simply isn’t working for Alberta” said Ric McIver, United Conservative candidate for re-election in Calgary-Hays. “High-tax, high-debt, anti-growth NDP policies are failing Albertans by hurting job creation.”

According to this morning’s Statistics Canada numbers:

  • There are now 182,500 unemployed Albertans – 43,000 more than when the NDP took office and 13,000 more than the month prior alone. This number does not include those who have given up looking for work altogether. 
  • Alberta’s unemployment rate climbed to 7.3%, the highest outside of Atlantic Canada, and now even higher than Nova Scotia. 
  • At 7.6%, Calgary has the highest unemployment rate of any Canadian city. 
  • At 7.0%, Edmonton has the third-highest unemployment rate of any Canadian city. 
  • Small net gains in employment are attributable only to public-sector growth. 

This week, United Conservative leader Jason Kenney announced several comprehensive policies to promote job creation in Alberta: the Job Creation Tax Cut, which economists estimate would create at least 55,000 jobs, and grow Alberta’s economy by $13 billion, and a Red Tape Reduction Action Plan to further spur job creation and economic growth, following years of NDP mismanagement.

According to a recent ATB Financial report: “Not only are many job seekers in Alberta having a tough time finding work, but many working Albertans are likely frustrated with the lack of growth in their pay…With a job market struggling to find traction, 2019 year might be another year with little to no wage growth.”


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